Cole [ADOPTED NOVEMBER 23] is a two year old, neutered, black Cocker who was found as a stray in Illinois and came to us from a shelter in Joliet. His foster parents have this to say about him. "Cole has been a wonderful dog with us. Despite a few house accidents in the beginning, he has been accident free since then. During the day, he stays in the family room with our dog and has had no problems. At night, he sleeps in his kennel, also with no problems. In fact, he immediately goes into his kennel and almost falls instantly asleep with no whimpering or barking!! I am ready to try him with a doggie bed - I have never seen a dog be so good about bedtime. Cole loves to play and especially loves his walks. Since he is overweight, the added exercise does him good. I'm surprised he likes so much activity given his weight. Cole is also a very loving dog - he likes to be petted and to be talked to but is also satisfied just being in the same room with us. He is not a furniture climber nor does he insist on sitting in your lap. I've started brushing his teeth (with doggie toothpaste) as he does have tartar buildup and he tolerates this very well. He is less tolerant of having his ears cleaned but, in time, he will get used to it. He does have debris in one ear so will need them cleaned routinely. Cole gets along very well with our dog and seems to take no notice of our 2 cats. We have not had him around small children so I don't know how he would be. He is fine with people coming to the house - but in the beginning, is a bit fearful and barks (but so does our Cocker!)".

An Update from Cole’s New Family: “Just to let you know that Cole has adjusted to our family wonderfully. He has been such a joy. It amazes us that he was a stray. He and Muffy (Buffy02) get along well and after 4 months, they are almost becoming good friends. We love them both dearly and thank you so much for all of your kindness and care.”