Chloe [ADOPTED AUGUST 17] is a 9 year old, happy, buff Cocker who came to rescue from a Wisconsin Shelter. She's been a bit down on her luck. In addition to being homeless, she was nearly eaten alive by a Rottwieler while in the Humane Society. She has now nearly recovered after a major surgery to repair her torn flesh. She is a very sweet, petite female in perfect weight. She has some reduced vision and hearing perhaps but nothing major. She is crate trained, but needs to go outside often. She would love to live with an at home mom and not a lot of noisy children, although she loves to go on long walks and sniff the rabbit trails. In spite of the fact that her family is gone and she has been through an incredible ordeal, Chloe is as cute as a bug's ear (this is not a good photo of her) and as sweet as she can be. She has been spayed and is now looking for a family to love.