Buffy [ADOPTED FEBRUARY 9] is a loving, young, buff Cocker who came to rescue from her owners with three of her mixed breed puppies. Her story is tragic in that she was not spayed by her owner, then left unprotected during her season, and had 8 mixed puppies. The owner sold five of the puppies before they were four weeks old, and of course, they all died. The owner then had to return the money for the puppies and therefore seemed to think it was Buffy's fault so out she went with the surviving three puppies. It was the luckiest day of Buffy's life and perhaps of her surviving babies. Buffy was in terrible shape when she arrived. She had huge chunks of fecal matter hanging from her. Why is it dogs that are treated so unforgivably by mankind, lick the hand that beats them? Buffy and I endured a very long grooming session and she emerged a different dog. Not once did she growl or even complain as I pulled, combed and cut away the mats that had collected over many months. We will wait until her pups are weaned before getting her spayed and vetted, and then we will send her to the home of someone who wants to make up for the misery of her earliest life. She is very obese right now, and will require a home with a family who will make it their mission to help her get back into good tone, so she can have a long and happier life than she has known till now.