Brody [ADOPTED JULY 10] is a two year old, very active, buff male who came to us from a shelter in the Chicago area. He gets along well with other dogs, and is very friendly. He is neutered and up to date on shots. He is crate trained but not yet housetrained although is making progress. He came to us shaved down, but does not appear to be a dog with a lot of coat. More information as we get to know him.

Update from his foster mom: June 15th, I truly think he is much younger than 2. I would give him 1 year old at the oldest. He is so smart and learns very quickly. He comes when he is called and sits on command. I did have to tackle him in the front yard yesterday when he snuck out the front door. He loves everyone and there is not one ounce of aggession in him. The neighbor boys come over to play with him often and he is GREAT with them. He still jumps up on people but is much better than when he first came to us. He loves to play fetch with Brock and Brock just loves him. Marley and Brody are getting along great too. Thursday night Buddy (neighbor dog) came over to play and boy did they play. :-) He is a wonderful boy and will make someone VERY happy ! ! ! !

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