Bear [ADOPTED SEPTEMBER 14] found his forever home on a sunny day in June, 2000, after being in our rescue program for several months, but alas, on June 22, two years after his adoption into what we had thought would be his forever home, he was surrendered to the Dane County pound. We were very fortunate that the shelter called immediately, as now, Bear is blind, and is having major separation anxiety problems, and most likely would not have been viewed as adoptable. We will be getting him into see a canine opthamologist to see what, if anything can be done for him. Bear is now almost 8 years old and down on his luck.

Update: Bear's luck just changed. He saw the opthamologist today. She is optimistic that bear will see again soon. He is scheduled for cataract removal surgery on July 22. We are so happy to be able to help Bear. Thanks to all the Shorewood Volunteers who make this possible, especially Elaine Baumann who does all the medical trips and treatments and Karen Reinen who has provided funding to us when these spendy services are needed. Bear's name is now Lucky Bear.

Update: Bear is no longer blind. He will have a long recovery period where he will need to remain very still for the next 10 days or so. Does the news get any better than that? Yes, it does. Bear has an adoption pending with a wonderful family who requested to adopt him, even if the surgery was not a success. What a Lucky Bear!!!