Baxter [ADOPTED DECEMBER 12] is a 7 year old, small, show type Cocker who is neutered, microchipped and up to date on his shots. He has a very nice temperament and is a very pretty boy, but will require regular professional grooming. He is in excellent weight and good physical condition. He appears to be a dog who would love anyone. He is crate trained, and we are evaluating him for trustworthiness in the house. He is good with other dogs and loves rawhide bones and plush toys. He is having surgery on one of his eyes to repair a torn retina, but we are optimistic that the surgery will be successful so he will retain his vision.

Update: Baxter has had his surgery and it appears to be a success. He will have a 60 day recovery period however, before he can be adopted. Thank you God for another miracle.