Baxter [ADOPTED AUGUST 24] is a two year old, tri colored Cocker who is neutered and current on his shots. He came to us from a shelter south of Chicago and was surrendered by his family because they didn't have time for him, which was apparent from the condition he was in when he arrived. Baxter is crate trained and doing well on his housetraining but still has a ways to go before he can be trusted. He is cautious with strangers and takes a while to make new friends, but is as cute as a button and is out of show breeding. He is overweight at 24 pounds as he is a small dog. He would look better at 20 to 21 pounds. Due to frequent thirst we had some blood work done and it was recommended by the vet that he be on a presciption dog food K/D for dogs with stressed kidneys. He WILL need this food for the rest of his life, and it is more expensive then premium dog food. We are seeking a family who is willing to make this commitment to him.

Update: We had an xray done to look at Baxter's kidney and it appears that he only has one kidney and that one is small.

Update: Baxter's most recent bloodwork showed that his kidney function was doing well on the K/D food. He could live a perfectly normal life as long as he stays on the K/D food. To know Baxter is to love him.