Kahlua 181

Kahula is a handsome Chocolate 10 year old who came to Shorewood from a breeder. Kahulas head tilts to the left side from a previous severe ear infection, but it only enhances his cuteness.
Lately he been laying on his stomach holding his head up, smiling while doing this happy little rock. Now that hes been with us a few months more and more of a silly personality is coming out.

He loves his walks and does not pull , occasionly he will walk in fount of us, which can result in him tripping you, so he needs a little work with that still. He also loves to travel, recently he went on a 5-day camping trip with us and did absolutely perfect. He was a little shy with new people at first but warmed up to them quickly. He sleeps quietly in his crate at night and is a early riser, occasionly we can sleep till 7am before he lets us know he wants out.

He is potty trained but he likes to mark, so he needs to go out just about every hour or two. So far we are going on two weeks without marking inside.When we let him outside to do his business but you have to leave him out there for 10 mins. or so, so he can Do all of his business. For that reason a fenced in yard would really help with him. We put him in his crate when we are not around. Which he actualy loves and will go in there on his own when we keep the door open. He tended to be a little prosessive of a rawhide that we gave him., so he needs to be supervised when eating around other pets or Children. He does get along with other dogs he just doesn't like sharing yet.

Kahlua also is a Dream to groom, he likes the bath and brushing, and drying with a cool hair dryer. Cleaning his ears is no problem eaither as long as your patient with him.

Kahlua has learnd how to back up when we open the door to go out, we use the word "back" and he patiently waits until we call him. He will also wait quietly for his food dish to be put down.

Kahlua is definitly not a barker, with exception, in the mornings he is so Happy to go out
side, he barks all the way out. Its actualy very cute.

Kahula is smart, quiet, and a very loving pup and is looking for someone who can give him special attention.

Updated Bio April 13 2019

Now that we have had Kahula for a while I’m happy to say he has turned into quite a knuckle head. He is 11 years old but acts much younger as he discovers the finer things in life. Hes quite active and a little nervous about waiting for his turn but we put him in his crate (which he likes) while Hes learning to be patient.

He is potty trained but still likes to lift his leg on just about anything that is holding still, but he will also hold it for 2 to 4 hours now. He does  come to me and poke me with his nose and when I respond to him, he runs to the door to let me know he has to go. With your diligence he does 100% better than when he first came to us. Lately we have been leaving his crate door open at night, and putting a male wrap on him, I’m happy to say he has gone all night now, for about a week, without wetting.

Hes just a quirky little guy that is full of love, and he lets you know when he wants attention.

He loves his crate and goes in it often to rest when we keep the door open, he walks very well on a leash but does tire quickly.

He would rather tear up the soft toys instead of playing with them so rawhides and bones are best for him.

With a little patients Kahula will make a wonderful pet and is very devoted to his human.