Wigglebutt Walk 2010
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We at SCR truly value and cherish our Senior Dogs!

We'd like to spotlight the awesome seniors who attended this Year's Walk.

Shana Ace was the oldest dog attending this Year's Walk.

Shana is 14 1/2 years old and is proudly owned by Joe and Sue Ace of Naperville, Illinois.

Shana is an SCR Alumni and was adopted from Wigglebutt Walk 2007.

These are the Seniors (Dogs 11 years old or older) who attended with their families.

The Walk

Leading the Walk are SCR volunteers Alex Turnquist as Clifford the Red Dog and Lynette Raether

The Rest Stop

All the pooches LOVE the rest stop!
They are treated with frosty paws and a drink of water.

SCR Volunteer, Jan Hergesheimer, who not only is handing out the frosty paws but made them all as well.

SCR Volunteer, Sharon Paskevicz helping with handing out the treats.